Optimal sports nutrition can deliver the athletic edge you’re looking for.

When most people think of athletes, they imagine someone who is the picture of health. While injuries may come along from time to time, they certainly don’t have to deal with extra pounds like the rest of us mere mortals.

The truth is actually much different. To become an accomplished athlete, nutrition has to be a priority. Without supplying the body with the right fuel, it can’t perform optimally and an athlete can’t possibly hope to be at their best.

Fortunately, you don’t need to start attending college courses to appreciate what your body needs to perform at the highest level. Instead, take your sports nutrition needs to Stefanie Senior. She has many specialties, but one of them is understanding how the body of an athlete uses nutrition to function optimally.

Senior has been featured on numerous television and radio programs. Aside from her private practice, she’s a professor at Centre for Hospitality Culinary Arts at George Brown College as well. Call 416-879-4691 today to learn more about how Stefanie can help you.


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