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Becoming a great athlete doesn’t happen overnight. Even naturals don’t achieve greatness without lots of sacrifice putting in many hours of practice improving and perfecting their chosen sport. Aside from actually playing the sport, most athletes log significant time in the weight room in order to craft a body that will be able to perform to high demands when they take the court, field or ice – or wherever else.

However, there’s another important part of the equation that needs to be mentioned as well. Without the right diet, no athlete will ever reach their fullest potential. For an athlete, an ideal diet is essential to playing their best, staying focused on their goals and keeping injuries at bay.

Unfortunately, too many athletes take this point for granted. They think they just need a ton of carbs before they play and sufficient protein later to rebuild their muscles. Fats are usually avoided as much as possible.

There are several problems with this approach, but they all lead to the same result: an athlete who doesn’t play as well as they otherwise could have if they had a sports dietitian helping them out.

Your nutrition is too important as an athlete to simply hope that the information you get online or passed down from others will actually give you the results you need when it matters. However, you may think that hiring a sport dietitian isn’t possible because of budgetary restrictions.

If that’s the case, let Stefanie Senior prove otherwise. Not only is she affordable, she’s worth every penny. Her experience includes working with countless athletes with exceptional results. Call 416-879-4691 today to learn more.

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