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You have countless options these days if your goal is to lose those unwanted pounds. The fitness industry brings in billions of dollars every year, but unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to be producing a healthier country. Instead, Canadians are more obese than ever before. Again, this is despite the fact that they’re also spending more than ever on trying to get in shape.

What’s going wrong, then? Most authorities say that the biggest problem is simply a matter of education. Most people just don’t know how their bodies process the food they eat. This means they also don’t understand what foods they should be eating, in what portions and when. Even people who exercise regularly may not be getting the results they want, simply because of what they unwittingly put on their plate (or exclude).

Nutritionists go to school for years in order to get a proper understanding of what healthy eating truly entails. Most will continue to learn about the subject long after they graduate. There’s simply no way the rest of us could compete with that kind of knowledge, mixed with the right approach.

Consider hiring your own nutritionist in Toronto if you’ve had trouble losing weight in the past. With a background in both nutrition and psychology, Stefanie Senior truly understands what it takes to succeed in reaching your nutrition and weight loss goals. Stefanie’s holistic, customized and supportive approach to nutrition and weight loss delivers exceptional results.

If you’d like to join this list of happy, healthy customers, call Stefanie today at 416-879-4691.

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